DOM text marking

Marking text in a given DOM structure is not something you want to do yourself in 2012. Someone probably has done the work for you, and that would be me (in this very specific case). I have coded a nice piece of JS that scans the DOM, wrap whatever text you want in it's own element (default is 'mark') and from then you can do whatever you want. Ho, and it's lightening quick (after a ton of optimizations).

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Translation system

An application, a website, or anything that might be using language files for content translation, would probably need to be managed in some convenient way which will allow translations to be done much faster. So I wrote a front-end system that handles all this, just ready to be hooked up to the server.

I am talking about internalization of content, also known as “i18N“.

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Getting started with Notepad++

Notepad++ is my favorite editor, and no doubt by many others. It’s extremely light on memory usage, but at the same time provides massive power to us coders with lots of tools, plug-ins, manipulations and keyboard shortcuts that really makes work easier and more fun.

In the past I used to work with Dreamweaver (ages ago), Eclipse, Aptana, netBeans, visual studio, whatever. Most are heavy and also cost money. It’s not for me to remedy your ways of coding, and I would even make a recommendation for the exquisite VIM editor which is the best out there.

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