Fancy Input – jQuery plugin

I've made an experimental jQuery plugin which basically makes it fun to type text. it works with input fields wrapped with a div, in a way that hides the actual input field (but still "communicates" with it), and put a span element containing the character pressed (in a normal use case), and every span element is being transitioned in a nice CSS3 way. The end result is a mimicked text input field which tries to simulate a real input field as much as possible, including copy, paste, undo and text selection changes.

  • Supports input (type text) and textarea form elements
  • Add effects to each letter being typed / deleted
  • All effects are highly customizable via CSS
  • Default effects are CSS3 hardware accelerated
  • Tries to simulates real input / textarea as much as possible

Note - For now, textarea must apply word-breaking due to the nature of the plugin and using separate span elements for each letter.